AAP MP Sushil Rinku Raises Concerns as Jalandhar Municipal Corporation Ward Delimitation Faces Delays

Allegations of favoritism surround Ward Delimitation Process, further Intensifying Internal Disputes among AAP members

AAP MP Sushil Rinku Raises Concerns as Jalandhar Municipal Corporation Ward Delimitation Faces Delays | Jalandhar,Municipal-Corporation,Ward-Delimitation- True Scoop

Jalandhar, India - The ongoing process of ward delimitation for the Jalandhar Municipal Corporation elections has hit a snag as AAP Member of Parliament Sushil Rinku raises concerns regarding the current draft. This delay has sparked allegations of favoritism and internal disputes within the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The crucial task of ward delimitation, aimed at ensuring fair representation and effective governance, has faced obstacles following objections raised by AAP MP Sushil Rinku, who represents the Kartarpur constituency. Rinku’s discontent has led to a halt in the progress of the ward delimitation notification.

Amidst the controversy, accusations of favoritism in the redrawing of ward boundaries have emerged, causing turmoil within the AAP. The realignment of wards has resulted in significant shifts in electoral boundaries and the relocation of several councilors. Notably, many councilors who recently switched their allegiance from the Congress party to AAP found themselves assigned to different areas under the proposed ward delimitation. This sudden change has fueled dissent among party members, further complicating the process.

AAP MP Sushil Rinku's dissatisfaction with the draft ward delimitation has raised concerns about transparency and fairness in the process. He urged the Delegation Board to reconsider and halt its progress.

In response, the Jalandhar Municipal Corporation authorities, led by State Local Bodies Minister Balakar Singh, have taken charge of determining the final ward boundaries. The revised plan includes the addition of four new wards in Jalandhar Cantonment and one new ward in the Central zone. Once the necessary modifications are made, a fresh notification will be issued.

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However, this reevaluation and notification process may cause delays, potentially pushing the municipal corporation elections in Jalandhar to a later date. Completion of the new ward delimitation and notification process may take several weeks, with elections expected to be postponed until August.

The uncertainties surrounding the ward delimitation and elections have created unease among political parties and citizens. The Jalandhar Municipal Corporation faces the challenge of addressing Sushil Rinku's concerns while ensuring a fair and efficient electoral process.