Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has claimed that an Intelligence Bureau ( IB) report has suggested that the Aam Aadmi Party will form the government in Gujarat with a thin margin.

But, he said that he wished to have a thumping majority, and so appealed to the voters to vote for the AAP in large numbers.

Addressing the mediapersons in Rajkot on Sunday, Kejriwal said, "According to sources, IB report says if the elections are held today, AAP will form government in Gujarat with thin margin. We are ahead of the BJP with a very few seats, the people of Gujarat have to give a big push to the AAP so that the AAP has a good majority and a government is formed with a good majority."

He also claimed that since the report was made available to the government, "the BJP and the Congress have joined hands, group meetings are going on, the BJP is badly frightened with the report. Both party leaders had secret meetings and later both are making allegations at the AAP in the same language."

According to Kejriwal, now the BJP wants Congress to be stronger in the state and for that the party is making maximum efforts to make the Congress stronger. He also claimed a few Congress MLAs were to join the BJP, but now the BJP leaders have asked them not to quit the Congress, because if they leave the Congress, it will weaken the party. BJP wants anti- incumbency votes to be divided and so it wants the Congress to play a strong role in the Assembly elections.

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