In India, specific facilities for the disabled are not available, and when they are, they are lacking. Indigo airline recently denied a disabled child from boarding a flight to Hyderabad at Ranchi airport, as an example. Not only that, but the airline also described it as a threat to passenger safety. His parents, as well as the child, were unable to board the plane due to this compulsion.

Below mentioned are the rights and facilities for the disabled in airport and air travel, according to the Central Aviation Department:

• No airline can refuse to take a handicapped person, an attendant, and assistance equipment such as a wheelchair, prosthetic limb, or walking crutch. Considering that their requirements were communicated to the airline at the time of booking.
• Airlines must include all of the services available to differently-abled passengers on their websites so that the handicapped customer can request the service during the booking process.
• If a handicapped person needs mobility equipment or assistance on a flight, they must notify the airline 48 hours prior to the flight's planned departure time.
• The airline gives facilities to the disabled person with a confirmed ticket after they arrive at the airport. The airline, for example, is responsible for directing it from the departure terminal to the flight and subsequently from the flight to the arrival terminal's exit point. There is no additional cost for this.
• A guiding dog can accompany you on the flight. It will take up a spot near the passenger seat. Airlines will allow this if written documentation of the dog's proper training, vaccinations, and medication are presented.
• Disabled travelers must have an 'Assistive Device' tag attached to their check-in luggage. This facilitates the delivery of their luggage.
• When a person with a disability is denied boarding on a flight, the airline must inform in writing why the person with a disability would or may endanger the flight's safety.

What all facilities should be provided by the airlines:
• Wheelchairs should be available for boarding and transportation from the plane to the airport.
• If 50,000 flights pass through the airport each year, senior citizens and differently-abled people will have free automated transportation from the terminal to the boarding gate.
• Even if the person believes that walking to the boarding gate is too far, he can still request a car.

Facilities provided in railways:

• General, Sleeper, AC Chair Car, and AC 3 Tier are all discounted by 75%.
• In First Class and AC Two Tier, they enjoy a 50% discount.
• Get a 25% discount on 3 tier AC and AC chair cars (Rajdhani and Shatabdi)

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  Facilities provided in Metro: 

• The average discount is 75%. In the metro, wheelchairs are available for handicapped travelers.
• The station is equipped with automated flap gates for entry and departure, ensuring that handicapped travelers are not inconvenienced.
• Toilets are also provided for passengers with disabilities.
• Vibratory walkways with yellow-colored rough tiles are placed for visually challenged travelers.
• Stairs are also equipped with handrails.
• An elevator is also available for people with disabilities in the metro.
• In the metro, seats are also reserved for handicapped people.

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