The Gray Man release date: Dhanush's Hollywood movie to hit Netflix; Here's the time of streaming & more

The movie is yet to be released on the streaming platform for the Indian subscribers

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With the title of being the most expensive film, Netflix has ever produced along with some heavyweight casts featuring in ‘The Gray Man’, like Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans your Captain America – it is no surprise why it is the buzz all around for the release of this action-packed thriller. The mass-scale destruction breaks out when a former CIA agent and a nameless secret assassin (Ryan Gosling) learn troubling information about a particular mission. Highly charged and motivated to track him down and prevent the truth from coming out, ex-cohort Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) is accompanied by a star team. 

They launch a global hunt to neutralize their alleged enemy. Some readers might be able to relate to what kind of story this is all about. While the action-based caste performances and the high-class stunts are eagerly awaited by the viewers and fans all around. The Russo Brothers directorial also features Tamil star Dhanush as an assassin 'Avik San.'

Reviews on ‘The Gray Man’

So far the movie has received mixed reviews. Several movie critics presented their views on the movie. Brian Viner of The Daily Mail reviewed the movie with 4 out of 5 stars and leveled it with “a colorful rip-off.” Another 4-star rating was shared by Olly Richards from Time Out who said it was similar to a Fast & Furious movie. 

However, few others have presented the movie as too poor, by marking it as ‘programmatically dull’. The Guardians’ Peter Bradshaw in his review of the movie wrote, "There’s plenty of drama but no heart in this Netflix tale of CIA assassins, which jumps frantically between exotic locations," giving a poor 2 stars. From the movie review site, critic Brian Tallerico has also marked 2 stars for this action thriller. Social media is also alight with the mixed responses coming in from the fans sharing their version of likeness towards the movie after watching, much like critics.

The Gray Man: Release Date, Time, and all on the Netflix

The high-profile starrer and action-packed film will be released today in the UK on the streaming platform at 8 AM (UK Time). The movie will also be made available to audiences in other parts of the world. The movie was also released in theaters on July 15th, to which people didn’t turn up in huge numbers owing to the matter of Netflix release through their subscriptions. Though Netflix is being badly hit by the fall in the number of subscribers for the straight second quarter, however, the movie can be enjoyed from its economical pack to the most premium one through the subscriptions available.