Adampur flights’ schedule; Know the timings of flights from Adampur Airport from March 31

Star Air flights will commence from March 31; Bengaluru to Adampur and vice versa will have stops in Ghaziabad and Nanded

Punjab Trending Adampur Flight Schedule

Domestic flights from the much awaited Adampur Airport are set to take off from March 31. Star Air in its initial phase is starting flight services from Adampur Airport to three cities- Bengaluru, Ghaziabad, and Nanded. The flights from Bengaluru to Adampur and vice versa will be interconnected stops along all 3 cities.


True Scoop News verified the report by visiting Star Air's official website and found the information to be true. Star Air flight services will start from March 31, 2024, and it will be for three aforementioned cities. Here are the flight timings, according to Star Air’s official website:


Bengaluru – Nanded – Hindon - Adampur

Departure: 7:15 AM, Arrival at Nanded: 8:35 AM

Departure from Nanded: 9:00 AM, Arrival at Hindon Airport (Delhi): 11 AM

Departure from Hindon Airport: 11:25 AM, Arrival at Adampur: 12:25 PM


Adampur – Hindon – Nanded - Bengaluru

Departure: 12:50 PM, Arrival at Hindon Airport: 1:50 PM

Departure from Hindon: 2:15 PM, Arrival at Nanded: 4:15 PM

Departure from Nanded: 4:45 PM, Arrival at Benguluru: 6:05 PM


Hindon Airport (Ghaziabad)- Adampur (Direct):

Departure: 11:25 AM, Arrival: 12:25 PM


Adampur- Hindon Airport (Direct):

Departure: 12:50 PM, Arrival: 1:50 PM



Departure 09:00 AM – Arrival at Hindon: 11:00 AM

Departure from Hindon: 11:25 AM, Arrival at Adampur: 12:25 PM



Departure: 12:50, Arrival at Hindon: 13:50

Departure from Hindon: 14:15, Arrival  at Nanded: 16:15