Fans slam Adipurush makers for making Prabhas character of Sri Ram look like Jesus, Watch

A still of the film surfaced on the internet where Prabhas' character resembles Jesus Christ

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The much-awaited epic mythological film Adipurush has been the subject of memes ever since the first teaser of the film was released. The film has been ridiculed for its historical inaccuracies and horrible visual effects, especially for the massive budget of over 500 crores. Now that the film has finally been released on the big screen. more clips and stills of the finished product have surfaced on the internet which are rather amusing, to say the least.

In one of the stills that shows Lord Rama in his Vanvas period during the film's opening credits, some stills showed Prabhas in an outfit that resembled Jesus Christ. The fans took it in a humorous manner stating it to be the "biggest crossover in history" and calling it a "cameo" from the Lord himself in the film. There have been criticisms about Saif Ali Khan's Ravana's look as well with netizens comparing it with Black Sabbath's band leader rather than the iconic villain.

Another tweet from reviewer Vishal surfaced of one of Ravana's henchmen where the netizens compared his look with the Marvel superhero Ghost Rider and even joked about him making a cameo In this film. The reviewer also gave a negative first impression of the film, where he stated that he "felt trapped" while watching the film.

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The film is getting generally negative reviews from all the top critics and reviewers with them mocking almost all the aspects of the film and even stating that the film "insults the viewer's intelligence" and calling it "a tiring watch with cringe dialogues" but it is remaining to see how the general audience reacts to the film, which will reflect in the film's box office trend.