Akshay Kumar apologizes for the Pan Masala Ad, says ' Your response in the last few days....'

The actor made a public apology on his Instagram handle.

Akshay-Kumar-apology Akshay-Kumar-pan-masala-ad Ajay-DevgAN
Akshay Kumar’s new Pan Masala Advertisement with the Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Shahrukh Khan has landed him into trouble. From the time, the advertisement is out Akshay Kumar is being trolled on social media for the same. Now, that he has seen the negative audience reaction, he has apologized for this advertisement through a social media post. The actor made a public apology on his Instagram handle. 

Akshay Kumar wrote in his apology that he does not supports tobacco and further quoted “I want to apologize to all my fans and well-wishers. Your response in the last few days has shocked me. I do not support tobacco. I respect the way you all expressed your feelings on my association with Vimal Elaichi”.

The Bollywood actor also said he withdraws from this with complete humility. By using all the money of endorsement in a noble cause he said “I have decided to use all the money received from this advertisement towards a worthy cause. The brand might continue airing the advertisement till the legal duration of the contract”. He also made the promise to be extremely mindful while making future choices. 

He always said that tobacco advertisements are something against his principles:

In many of the media interactions, he has said that gutkha companies offer him crores of rupees to be a part of such ads. But the actor has always refused to be in such ads. Akshay has faced such criticism because being at different events he called tobacco advertising against his principles and now he was a part of one. 

Allu Arjun rejected the offer worth crores:

Apart from the Bollywood actors, the superstar from south Allu Arjun turned down the offer of an advertisement that was presented by a tobacco company. The company even offered crores of rupees to the actor. But the actor does not want to promote anything wrong for the fans.

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