Akshay Kumar becomes Srinagar Team owner in T10 Indian Street Premier League; Shares video

The Indian Street Premier League - T10 is a pioneering Tennis Cricket League to unite the finest local cricket talent in India.

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has finally become the owner of a franchise in the world of cricket, however, not in the IPL but in the ISPL. Akshay Kumar on Tuesday took to his Instagram handle and shared a video announcing that he is now the owner of Team Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir and his team will be taking part in the upcoming T10 league of the Indian Street Premier League. Going by the logo and the video, the ISPL will be a tennis ball tournament of 10 overs. 


Sharing the ISPL video featuring Ravi Shastri, Akshay Kumar wrote, "From cinema to the stadium! Proud to announce that I will be coming to @ispl_t10 as a Team Owner of Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) A chance to play in my team awaits."


What is ISPL?


The Indian Street Premier League - T10 is a pioneering Tennis Cricket League to unite the finest local cricket talent in India, creating a comprehensive platform for players to showcase their skills. The league aspires to transcend boundaries and establish itself as an international platform, fostering the growth of future cricketing superstars while adding structure to the cricket scene in cities.


ISPL is committed to bridging the gap between street cricket and stadium glory, aiming to bring the raw energy and talent of street cricket onto the grand stage. The selection process involves handpicking players from each state across India, ensuring representation from every corner of the nation and thereby enhancing the league to the utmost professional platform.


Big names like Ashish Shelar (BCCI Treasurer), Amol Kale (President MCA), and Ravi Shastri (Former India Head Coach) are members of core committee of ISPL. 


How a tennis ball player can register himself to play in ISPL?


Step 1- Player Enrolls on official site to participate

Step 2- Performance clips/videos and photos are captured via personal details and professional details form

Step 3- Login Credential is created via secured gateway

Step 4- Player Profile is generated for Selection Committee

Step 5- Shortlisted players receives Golden Ticket and invitation for city trails

Step 6- If shortlisted by the ISPL selection committee the shortlisted players would have to travel to the mentioned cities for city trials.


The city includes- Mumbai (6th and 7th January)

Kolkata (6 and 7th January)

Srinagar (13 and 14th January)

Bengaluru (13 and 14th January)

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana (13 and 14th January)

Chennai (13 and 14th January)


How will the players be selected to play in the ISPL?


Step 1- Registration Closes, 20th December

Step 2- Selection Committee to shortlist players and invite the players for City Trials

Step 3- Physical Trials at the cities on specified day

Step 4- Shotlisted players to be called to Mumbai for City Trails on 20th and 21st January 2024

Step 5- Total of 350 Players to be contenders for the Auction Pool

Step 6- 96 Players would be selected at the Player auction in February 2024




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