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During the Covid-19 pandemic, the companies shifted to work from home strategies. Some companies also continue this in the post-pandemic situation too, to ensure the minimum risk of spread. 

During the pandemic, the corporations and employees faced many difficulties working from home. In this context, many countries introduced some policies regarding work from strategies and now, India is also doing the same. 

The Central Government is supposed to present a bill providing a legal framework for the WORK FROM HOME pattern. The working hours of the employees, salary packages, other incentives all these questions will be answered in this bill. 

One of the government officials said that they are collaborating with the firms to know about the difficulties they are facing and provide a suitable solution to them. 
Recently, in the parliament of Portugal, a law was passed on WORK FROM HOME which states that Companies can’t attempt to contact their staff after working hours are over. They must help the staff by paying for their home gas, electricity, and internet bills. 

India's Government is also working on it to provide a legal framework to employees working in different sectors. 

Here are some of the basic problems that the employees are facing while working at home:

·       Inadequate working hours
·       Technical issues
·       Internet bills
·       Electrical charges
·       Anytime meetings
·       Disturbance in their personal lives

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After the pandemic, the workers are constantly complaining about the hectic working situations. To tackle this problem the Government will be presenting a Bill in the parliament to ensure proper working hours to the employees, reasonable incentives, and a stress-free working environment. 

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