'All is well?': PM Modi gives special shout-out to Nitish Kumar in his victory speech amid party-shift murmurs

PM Modi declared BJP-led NDA's victory after Election Commission trends showcased the saffron party winning over 290 seats.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the BJP leaders and workers of India in his victory speech. PM Modi arrived at the BJP headquarters after 8 pm in New Delhi. PM Modi declared BJP-led NDA's victory after Election Commission trends showcased the saffron party winning over 290 seats. On the other hand, the INDIA bloc also gave a strong fight to the BJP & NDA. In the meantime, a game of thrones has been started in India with the INDIA bloc reportedly trying to woo Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to rejoin their alliance and part ways from the NDA. On the other hand, BJP is banking big on its allies like JDU and TDP and PM Modi is expected to get support from the allies like Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu. 

PM Modi's victory speech raised many eyebrows when he specially mentioned and gave a big shoutout to Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and TDP's Chandrababu Naidu. Addressing at party headquarter, PM Modi said, "Under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar, NDA has performed extremely well in Andhra Pradesh and Bihar"

Below is an excerpt of PM Modi from his victory speech- 

"I thank everyone for their love. I am indebted to all Indians. The citizens of India have affirmed their faith in the BJP and the NDA once again. Today's victory is the victory of the world's biggest democracy. This is the victory of faith in the country's constitution. This is the victory of 'sabka sath sabka vikas' mantra. This is a victory of Viksit Bharat. This is the victory of 140 crore Indians. I congratulate the Election Commission of India (ECI) too for holding the world's biggest election. Nearly 100 crore voters, 11 lakh polling stations, 1.5 crore polling workers, 55 lakh EVMs. Every employee did their job in this intense heat."

"Every Indian is proud of the country's election process and its credibility. There is no other example anywhere in the world. I tell the influencers and opinion makers that in India's democracy, this is the efficiency of the election process. This mandate has many aspects. This was the first time after 1962, that a government returned to power after completing two terms. In states, where Vidhan Sabha elections were held, NDA scored victories - be it in Arunachal, Andhra, Odisha, or Sikkim. Congress has been wiped out in these states. I don't have details, but I think it was hard for them to even save their deposits."

"INDIA bloc did not win as many seats as the BJP alone did. This is the first time the BJP will have a Chief Minister on the land of Lord Jagannath (Odisha). BJP won a seat in Kerala too. Our Kerala workers have made a lot of sacrifices but kept serving the public. The moment they waited for generations is here. In Telangana, our numbers have doubled. In Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal, and many other states, our party almost made a clean sweep."

"I assure the people of these states (four that went to assembly polls) that the Centre will not leave any stone unturned for their development. Under Nitish babu, NDA did well in Bihar," added PM Modi.