In a shocking development, Waris Punjab De Chief and fugitive Amritpal Singh was almost caught by Punjab Police recently. At a time when reports are coming that he might have fled to Nepal, Amritpal was almost caught by Punjab Police who was on his way to Jalandhar for an interview with an international media outlet. Yes! you heard it right. If reports are to be believed, Amritpal Singh was chased by Punjab Police for almost 37 KMs when he was on his way to Jalandhar. Now, the question arises why was he coming to Jalandhar? Well, reports state that Amritpal Singh had decided to surrender to Punjab Police, however, he planned to give an interview to an international news portal first and then hand himself to the Police.

However, the Intelligence Unit of Punjab Police foiled Amritpal Singh's plan and the chase began once again. The Punjab Police started following Amritpal's Punjab number Innova vehicle (PB 10 CK 0527) from Phagwara itself. Seeing the Police chasing the car, the driver of Amritpal took a u-turn and fled towards Hoshiarpur. The Police continued to chase him. As per reports, Amritpal was with Papalpreet and one other person when he was fleeing from the Police yet again. Ultimately, Amritpal managed to escape from the Police clutches yet again. Reportedly, in an attempt to flee, Amritpal Singh's car entered into a Gurudwara of Marnaiya Village of Hoshiarpur. Amritpal and his associates then jumped across the wall of the Gurudwara leaving the car running behind. The Punjab Police as of now are conducting raids in nearby areas.

As per reports, Amritpal was hiding in Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh. Punjab Police has arrested two people in the crackdown of Amritpal Singh and both of them belong to Lakhimpur Kheri.

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Is Amritpal Singh in illegal custody?

“Punjab police have been categorically denying the custody of Amritpal. You show us some evidence that he is in the illegal custody of Punjab police,” the judge said adding “a warrant officer” would raid the area to recover him. “I will appoint a warrant officer or direct the concerned chief judicial magistrate to raid the area to recover him. You must show the court something to disapprove the stance of the state government,” the judge told Waris Punjab De legal team on Tuesday. The matter has now been adjourned for Wednesday for further hearing.

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