Amritpal Singh's supporters WhatsApp group chat 'Mission Khadoor Sahib' surface; FIR filed over remarks on Dalits

Dalit leader Jassi Talhan alleged that the Mission Khadoor Sahib WhatsApp group was created by Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

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With a few days to go for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 voting in Punjab, pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh seems to be getting embroiled in another legal trouble. This time, Amritpal Singh has grabbed the headlines due to his supporters' WhatsApp Group titled 'Mission Khadoor Sahib'. As per reports, Amritapl Singh supporters in the WhatsApp group have written some objectionable remarks against the Dalit community. 

As per reports, a complaint has been given to the police in Phagwara, Kapurthala by the Dalit community in which they have accused Amritpal Singh's supporters of making objectionable comments in a WhatsApp group. Along with this, screenshots of some WhatsApp groups have also been handed over to the police. This complaint has been given by Dalit community leaders Jassi Talhan, Surinder Dhanda, Yash Varna, Satish Bunty, Balwinder Bobby Marwaha, and others.

Talhan reportedly informed that a group named Mission Khadoor Sahib runs on his WhatsApp number in which the members of the group made objectionable comments on Ravidas and Valmiki brotherhood during the chat. Talhan said that the said group was created by Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh. This chat was given by persons named Paramjit Akali, Akal Sahay, and Chacha Bagela USA.

Talhan has said in the complaint given to the police that Paramjit Akali, Akal Sahay, and Chacha Bagela USA are chatting among themselves. In which, everyone is repeatedly talking about taking votes by giving money and using the words like 'Ch*da Ch**ar Paise'.

About Amritpal Singh

Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh who is a firm Khalistan supporter will be contesting for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election from Khadoor Sahib. Amritpal Singh is currently in Dibrugarh jail, Assam after being booked under the NSA (National Security Act). Amritpal Singh would be fighting from an independent party.

His entry has been a talking point as it will witness many changes in the ongoing traditions of Khadoor Sahib politics. Khadoor Sahib is considered a ‘Panthic’ seat and who will win in the upcoming assembly election is now a suspense after Amritpal Singh is also contesting for the seat. Khadoor Sahib seat is said to represent the whole Punjab as 3 main areas namely Doaba, Majha and Malwa are connected to it. It is a Sikh-dominating seat.