The people who had their train journeys planned today may face difficulties as according to the reports farmers of the state are all set to block the railway tracks for 3 hours today. Reportedly, various farmers’ organizations have decided to stage a protest against the central as well as the state government. The protest to be held is about the amendments in the Common Village Act 1961. The protest will take place in Amritsar.

According to the information that has been received the farmers will gather at the Valla Phatak and block it completely to meet their demands from the government. This protest will lead disruption of around 25-28 scheduled trains. The head of the organizations has stated that earlier they were upset with the Centre was not taking necessary actions but now the Punjab Government is not also not providing them with the solution. Furthermore, they have stated that the track will be blocked from 12 noon to 3 pm.

The farmers are not only protesting against the amendment in the Common Village Act but also the Electricity Allocation Act. They have alleged that the government is all ready to allocate the power to the private industries. If the allocation rights will be taken from the state government, it might affect them badly.

The main trains that will get affected are New Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi, Jammu Tawi, Shan-e-Punjab, Mumbai Amritsar, Sachkhand Sahib, etc. around timings of 28 trains will be changed due to farmers protesting and blocking the railway tracks in Amritsar.

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