Shocking information has surfaced from Amritsar wherein an FIR has been lodged against a 10-year-old boy for promoting gun culture. Not much information is being revealed by Amritsar Police as the accused is a minor.

Reportedly, accused is a resident of Amritsar. The 10-year-old got into trouble when his father posted a picture of him on Facebook in which he standing with a gun and wearing a belt of bullets on his shoulders. Soon after, this picture went viral Amritsar Police registered a complaint against the 10-year-old, his father and two other members. This case is put up on them for promotion of gun culture in state. Case is registered under Katthoonalg police station.

Police have not shared much information regarding the case at present as the accused is a minor. Police said that appropriate action will be initiated against all. A case has been registered against accused under IPS 188.

Punjab Government and police are trying their level best to eradicate gun culture in Punjab. For the information, Punjab Police has also banned giving provocative speeches and uploading photos and videos with weapons on social media and strict action is being taken against those who do this.

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