On Tuesday, an electric scooter parked at the residence of Daljit Singh, a resident of the Guru Ki Wadali area of ​​Amritsar, suddenly caught fire. The fire spread so fast that the scooty started burning. Incidents of fire in electric scooters are coming to the fore across the country. Such incidents are becoming common in Punjab also.

During this short circuit also happened and washing machine, cooler and fridge also got damaged. The fire in the scooty slowly spread throughout the house. As soon as the scooter caught fire, the family locked themselves in their room. Neighbors put out the fire by pouring water on the scooter from outside and rescuing the family.

Manpreet Singh, Daljit Singh's son, put the scooter on charge and went inside, according to Daljit Singh. The scooter caught fire shortly after. When smoke began to fill the house, they became aware of the situation. Because there was a lot of fire outside, he locked himself in a room. After that, he began to make noise.

Neighbors gathered outside after hearing the noise. They smashed the main gate. Neighbors doused the scooter with water. The smoke from the fire had grown so thick that it had turned all of his house's walls black.

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Daljit Singh stated that he purchased the scooter from Putlighar. According to the company, it only needs to be charged for 2-3 hours per day. He was charging it for 2-3 hours a day, as per their instructions. He has also informed the company at this time, but no response has yet been received from the company.

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