Weeks after a woman’s video from Amritsar surfaced showing her incapable of standing properly under the influence of excessive intoxication, a similar video has surfaced again from Maqboolpura in Amritsar showing a man in a similar state.

The video which has gone viral now shows a man heavily under the influence of intoxicative substances barely managing to stand properly on his feet in a compact street as commuters pass by.

A journalist from Punjab, Harpinder Singh posted the video on his Twitter handle and informed that police launched a massive raid to subjugate the drug nexus prevailing in the entire region.

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Amritsar: Infamous as 'Widow's Village' new viral video shows Maqboolpura turning into a new Drug Epicenter

The video poses serious questions about the prevalence of drug menace in the region despite efforts from the administration and government to get rid of the culture in existence.

The incidents being reported from the bordering district of Pakistan compound the concern owing to the cross-border narcotics trade under the influence of criminal figures and requires an extensive level of attention for the time ahead.

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