The promise of Punjab government and Police to make Punjab drug-free does not seem to be fulfilled any soon. Despite so many people’s lives getting badly affected due to the influence of drugs, nobody seems to take a lesson from it. Shockingly, Maqboolpura of Amritsar has become the epicenter of drug abuse due to the videos going viral from there.

Now, the fourth video from the same place has been going viral which shows that despite the fact various cases of drug usage and the drug trade have come forward, drugs are being openly sold there. The video that has surfaced shows a person holding an injection in his hand and telling how there are no restrictions on buying or selling drugs.

The video shows the young man telling the name of the drug dealer as well. On being asked strictly, he reveals that the drugs were bought from Maqboolpura and not one person, 3 people including 2 females are involved in this trade.

Maqboolpura has come under the limelight ever since the first video went viral on social media where a girl was not even able to stand properly because of the effect of drugs that were consumed. Soon after that, another video started doing rounds which showed a man completely under the influence of intoxicants. Post this, the third video even went viral which replicated the other two. Now, even after police carried out a search operation in the place, 4th video has gone viral revealing how easy it is to procure drugs from Maqboolpura.

Reportedly, search operations after the videos went viral were conducted twice by the ADGP rank officers where many youths got arrested as well. Despite regular efforts of all the departments, intoxicants are being openly sold and consumed in Maqboolpura.

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