Heart-wrenching news has surged up from Amritsar which puts up doubt on humanity. Reportedly, father-in-law has brutally attacked his daughter-in-law with a sword which has left her in critical condition. The incident took place outside a court.

Giving information about the incident, there was a case going on in the court between the accused and the victim for which they arrived for a hearing. Post the hearing ended and the victim came out of the courtroom, her father-in-law in anger attacked her right arm and when she fell down, he attacked her head and separated it into two parts. After this incident took place, the victim was admitted to the hospital. The accused has also been taken into custody by the police officials.

Two social activists were also present when all this happened and one of them alleged that the victim has an extramarital affair due to which she got her husband killed. This led to frustration in her father-in-law and as revenge, he planned an attack on her. Another activist said that this has happened because of the negligence of the police as they were present outside the court but did not take the necessary steps to stop the accused.

The people who were witnesses to the incident further revealed that no help came for the victim even after all this happened outside a court where the police is present 24 hours. Also stated that the victim was taken care for 1 hour by the people present there instead of police being around. Another startling fact was that the two female constables that were present with the victim, ran from the incident as soon as she was attacked.

This news has raised several questions about the working of police. This is to be considered a huge blunder on the part of the administration who could not prevent an attack that took place inside the legal premises.

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