A high voltage drama was witnessed in Amritsar Civil Hospital last night when 2 drunkard youths created a ruckus in the Civil Hospital of Amritsar at midnight. They even abused the police that came to calm the situation down.

These young people created such huge drama at the hospital that the people present in the hospital got irritated and some even made a video of them creating a scene. In the intoxication of alcohol, these young people accused the police of doing violence with them as they came to arrest the accused for creating unrest at the hospital.

These drunken youths were brought to the civil hospital by the police of Rambagh police station for medical treatment. Sources reveal that these two youths were drinking alcohol at the shop due to which the police of Rambagh police station arrested them and brought them to the civil hospital for medical treatment. Even in the civil hospital here, these drunken youths abused the police officers and created a scene.

These drunkard youth said that the police of Rambagh police station tore their clothes and beat them up. They further said, “If something happens to us, the police of Rambagh police station will be held responsible for it. “

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