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Social media is a great place. Despite almost everyone being an active user, we mostly think of it as a place filled with negativity. But there are instances when social media changes lives. In one such example, Anand Mahindra, the business tycoon, on Monday offered a job to a man, who has no legs and arms, after getting impressed by his grit and determination.

The man could be seen driving a modified vehicle despite having no limbs in a viral video. He uses his shoulders to move the vehicle. When someone asks him how long he's been driving it. “5 years,” he replies with a smile on his face. “I have two children, a wife and an old father. I work for them,” he adds.

When people around him appreciate his determination, he says, “All thanks to God,”. He then goes on to drive the vehicle, leaving everyone surprised.

Soon after the video went viral, people on social media have been saluting him. He received appreciation from all-around. But what could finally change his life is a Tweet from Anand Mahindra, Indian billionaire and the chairman of Mahindra group.

Mahindra tweeted the viral video, saying he was awestruck by how grateful this man is despite having no arms and legs. 

“Received this on my timeline today. Don’t know how old it is or where it’s from, but I’m awestruck by this gentleman who’s not just faced his disabilities but is GRATEFUL for what he has.” The Tweet read.

He went to offer a job as a Business Associate to him in one of his ventures.

“Ram, can @Mahindralog_MLL make him a Business Associate for last mile delivery?,” he added in the tweet.

Anand is known for his generous nature. He often responds to things like these on social media. After this tweet, the business tycoon received a lot of appreciation from netizens. 

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