There seems to be no let-up in cases of temple attacks in Australia with Khalistan supporters targeting the Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple in Brisbane on Saturday.

Temple President Satinder Shukla told The Australia Today: "Priest and devotees called this morning and notified me about the vandalism on the boundary wall of our temple. We have informed the Queensland police officers, and they assured to ensure the safety of Temple and devotees."

The latest incident, which comes just after Khalistani supporters targeted the Indian consulate in Brisbane on February 22, has left the Indian community angry and shocked.

Beginning 2023, Hindu temples in Australia have seen a spurt in vandal attacks by Khalistani elements defacing the walls with anti-India slogans and graffiti.

Last month, Brisbane's Gayatri Mandir received intimidating calls from Khalistan extremists based in Pakistan, asking the Hindu community to support the Khalistan referendum.Between January 12 to 23 alone, three prominent Hindu temples in Melbourne were targetted.

"Khalistan supporters are terrorising the Australian Hindu community and making it a very traumatising experience to practice our religion and visit temples," a Brisbane resident told The Australia Today.

"The frequency and impunity with which the vandals appear to be operating are alarming, as are the graffiti which include glorification of anti-Indian terrorists," the Indian High Commission in Australia had said in a strongly-worded statement.

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