The woman for whom the Indian National Hamid Ansari had sneaked into Pakistan had testified that Ansari had come to meet her in an effort to clear him of the charges of being an ‘Indian Spy’.  Though, she stated that they never got a chance to meet.

Ansari was arrested in Pakistan in 2012 for illegally entering the country to meet the woman he met on Facebook.

“The girl for whom he went to Pakistan actually testified in his favour, that he came to meet her but he was (still) put in jail,”said External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar.

“After he was arrested, Ansari was made to sign a paper which had something written on it in a language he didn’t know. It was after this that he was charged with spying,” says one of the people familiar with the case on the condition of anonimity.

This testament confirms the story of Ansari as the real life ‘Veer Zaara’

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