New Delhi, Dec 29: Anurag Thakur, BJP lawmaker and Chief Whip in Lok Sabha, today, introduced four Private Member Bills with 'Prevention of Suicides among the younger generation' also among the proposed bills.

"The Suicide Prevention in Youth Bill, 2018 addresses the increasing prevalence of suicide especially amongst the youth of the country with a community-based approach," a source close to the BJP MP said here.

The proposed bill focuses on the need for a "timely intervention and removal of stigma associated with reporting of mental illness" and increasing the lines of communication and for matters connected therewith.

Among other Bills, the draft law on Population Stabilization and Planning Bill, 2018 aims at providing a comprehensive policy towards stabilising the population of the country by providing voluntary and safe access to methods of contraception.

The BJP MP from Hamirpur also wants establishment of a Population Planning Agency, promotion of schemes that incentives the small family norm, creating awareness on family planning and providing access of education to empower every girl child.

Mr Thakur also introduced The Single-Use Plastic (Regulation) Bill, 2018 aims to provide a framework to enable India to achieve its goal of eliminating single-use plastic by the year 2022.  

 The Water (Accessibility and Conservation) Bill, 2018 aims to provide an overarching national legal framework with principles for distribution, conservation, regulation and management of water as a vital and stressed natural resource.

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