Apple Original: Brad Pitt and F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Team Up for THIS project, Know the details

Upcoming Apple Original "F1" stars Brad Pitt and Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton, promising intense motor racing drama and realism.

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The upcoming Apple Original film F1 features a thrilling collaboration between Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt and Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film is expected to bring the fast-paced world of motor racing to the big screen with a level of drama and realism never seen before.

With Damson Idris playing his rookie teammate at the fictional APXGP team, Pitt plays a former driver who makes a dramatic comeback to the racetrack against the backdrop of Formula 1. Real-life Formula 1 drivers will appear in the action-packed story, lending authenticity to it.

With the help of Formula 1 and its teams, film production has been a huge undertaking that has allowed for exceptional access to the paddock tracks and inner workings of the sport. Kosinski emphasized how deeply involved they were in drawing comparisons between the film crew and the eleventh Formula 1 team.

The production team disputes reports of a budget as high as $300 million, which has been raised despite F1's ambition. Warner Bros. obtained the distribution rights, setting June 27, 2025, for the North American release and June 25, 2025, for the international release. Anticipation for this thrilling film has increased since the release of a teaser trailer.

Famous sites like Silverstone in the U.S. have been used for filming. G. captured the action-packed scenes using state-of-the-art camera equipment and actual Formula 1 cars. Producing the movie, Hamilton has made sure it stays true to the nuances of the sport by offering advice on how to realistically depict racing situations.

Damson Idris acknowledged Hamilton's impact, pointing out that the champion's priceless insights into the subtleties and culture of Formula 1 enhance the film's realism. A testament to the film's dedication to realism and intensity, he expressed excitement over his role, which required him to get behind the wheel of a real Formula One car.

Beyond even the revolutionary aerial sequences of Top Gun: Maverick, director Kosinski showcased technological innovations in filmmaking. He focused on using an extensive RF network and real-time camera control to enhance dynamic shots around racetracks.

Audiences around the world are anticipating the drama and exhilaration that Formula 1 promises as it continues to film throughout the year, with the filming culminating at the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December. This ambitious cinematic venture into the world of Formula 1 racing promises to deliver both.