1. Vision Pro AR Headset: Transforming Reality with Spatial Computing

• Fully Immersive 3D User Interface

• Seamless Blend of Digital and Physical Worlds

2. M2 Chip: Unleashing Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

• Powering MacBook Air and Mac Studio/Mac Pro

• Enhanced Speed and Responsiveness

3. M2 Ultra Chip: Pushing Boundaries with Breakthrough Memory Capacity

• Second-Generation 5-nanometer Process

• UltraFusion Technology for Doubled Performance

4. Mac Studio: A Compact Powerhouse for Creative Professionals

• M2 Max and M2 Ultra Performance Boost

• Stunning Design and Enhanced Connectivity

5. Mac Pro: Unleashing Unprecedented Power and Versatility

• Tower and Rack-Mounted Options

• M2 Ultra Chip for Unmatched Performance

6. Vision Pro’s Spatial Audio: Surround Sound for the Digital World

• Advanced Audio System for Immersive Experiences

• Personal Movie Theater-like Sound Quality

7. EyeSight Feature: Augmenting Reality with Social Connectivity

• Transparency and Visual Cues for Interaction

• Stay Connected with Others While Immersed

8. iOS 17: Elevating Communication and Personalization

• Major Upgrade for Phone, FaceTime, and Messages

• Journal and StandBy Apps for Enhanced Experiences

9. iPadOS 17: Redefining iPad’s Capabilities

• Redesigned Lock Screen and Interactive Widgets

• Intelligent Features for PDFs, Notes, and Health

10. macOS Sonoma: Elevating the Mac Experience

• Enhanced Safari, Communication Safety, and Lockdown Mode

• Focus on App Privacy and Improved Functionality

11. Disney+ on Vision Pro: Bringing Magical Entertainment to AR

• Disney CEO Bob Iger Announces Partnership

• Access Disney+ Content on Vision Pro at Launch

12. Enhanced Connectivity: Seamless Integration and Expansive Options

• Advanced Wireless Connectivity for Effortless Data Transfer

• Expanded Port Options for Enhanced Peripheral Support

13. Advanced Graphics Capabilities: Pushing the Visual Boundaries

• Mac Studio and Mac Pro Deliver Stunning Graphics Performance

• Ultra-High Resolution Displays for Vision Pro

14. Extended Battery Life: Uninterrupted Productivity and Entertainment

• 15-inch MacBook Air Offers Up to 18 Hours of Battery Life

• Long-lasting Performance for On-the-Go Users

15. Vision Pro’s Eye-Tracking: Revolutionary Control Interface

• User Interaction Controlled by Eyes, Hands, and Voice

• Intuitive and Natural Control for AR Experiences

16. NameDrop: Simplifying Contact Sharing with AirDrop

• Convenient Sharing of Contact Information

• Seamless Sharing by Bringing iPhones or iPhone and Apple Watch Together

17. Live Voicemail: Real-Time Transcription and Instant Callbacks

• Read Voicemail Transcription as Messages Are Left

• Opportunity to Answer Calls While Voicemail Is Being Recorded

18. Mac Pro Memory Capacity: Defying Workstation Graphics Cards

• Up to 192GB Unified Memory for Unmatched Workload Handling

• Expanding the Limits of Memory in Professional Workstations

19. Vision Pro’s Ultra-High Resolution Displays: Theatrical Immersion

• Screen Feels 100 Feet Wide for Personal Movie Theater Experience

• Visual Brilliance and Immersive Content Consumption

20. Enhanced Privacy Features: Protecting User Data and Security

• Focus on App Privacy and Data Protection

• Advanced Security Measures for Safer User Experiences

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