In a blood-boiling incident, two Koreans who were enjoying a meal at San Ramon In N Out Burger restaurant were racially abused and harassed on Christmas eve in California, USA. The two Asians were quietly having a good time and filming themselves while they were eating when the two encountered a racist person. Now, the San Ramon In N Out harassment video has sparked massive outrage over the racial slurs that were used against the duo. The interaction was caught on video where the aggressor also spewed homophobic slurs and also took North Korean's Supreme Leader's name Kim Jong-un.

In the San Ramon In N Out Burger viral video, it can be seen a Korean woman and a man having a good time and shooting themselves while eating French fries. Meanwhile, a man approached them and said, "You’re filming yourself, eating? You’re weird homos*xuals." Shocked by the question, the duo tried to laugh it off however, the man, who did not appear in the video, went on to say, "Are you Japanese or Korean? Are you Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend? You have gay s*x with him?"

Going by the video, the duo's name is Kim and Eliot. In the video, it can be seen the man trying to instigate by spewing racial and homophobic slurs continuously. After a brief interaction between the two parties at In N Out, Kim realized that the incident was escalating and asked her friend Eliot to stop interacting with the racist man. After this, the aggressor threatened to spit in their faces. The duo tried to dodge the situation and played it cool, however, the man appeared a few moments later and called himself a 'slave master' and described Kim’s friend as 'Filipino s***.' The man also told the two 'see you outside in a minute' in hopes of getting into a physical fight with the customers.

Listening to the open threat, Kim and Eliot decided to stay at the restaurant until San Ramon In N Out closes. When San Ramon In N Out restaurant closing time came they asked an employee to check outside to see whether the racist man had left the locality. After the employee ensured them that he had left, the friends safely got into their vehicle with the employee watching over them to make sure they were safe.

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After the video went viral, a user wrote, "If anyone knows the individuals who posted this on TikTok, please have them contact me or @SanRamonPolice directly."

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"Dear @InNOutBurger What can your company do to help your customers of color not feel helpless when this racist homophobic predator who may frequent your San Ramon CA In-N-Out on San Ramon Valley Road decides to threaten young, innocent citizens with hateful, harmful intentions?" a user wrote.

Another user wrote, "Horrible. They tried to make light of it but were fearful enough that they waited until in n out closed to leave."

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