It is very disheartening to see one of the best bowlers of the Indian Cricket Team being brutally trolled by the people. The lashing against Arshdeep Singh came out after he missed a catch during the latest match in the Asia Cup 2022.

It was the third ball of the 18th over when Arshdeep Singh caught the ball but it dropped from his hands which was disappointing for everyone to watch. If the catch had been taken by the bowler, Ali would have gotten out at zero.

Keeping trolling aside, another startling news that is coming to the fore is that cricketer Arshdeep Singh’s Wikipedia page has been edited to reflect his association with Khalistan after the Indian team lost to Pakistan in the Asia Cup.

The tweet below shows that different edits were made on his Wikipedia page, all the places where India was mentioned, an unidentified person changed it to Khalistan.

The IP address of the editor has also been revealed which shows that the person belongs to Pakistan and not India which allegedly points out that Pakistan can also be held responsible for hatred against Arshdeep Singh.

Post this, the IT Ministry summoned the Indian officials of Wikipedia to seek an explanation of the change.

Reportedly, the IT ministry may issue a show cause notice to Wikipedia.

Although, many cricketers and politicians have come in the support of the cricketer.

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