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Arundhati Roy asserts Efforts are being made to normalise Islamophobia

Author-activist Arundhati Roy while drawing a parallel between Nazi Germany and present-day India said she was happy to see that students came out on the streets in large numbers to protest against governmnets "divisive" citizenship law and proposed NRC nationwide.

However, Roy has expressed her concern over alleged attempts by the RSS to "infiltrate" a section of young minds by enrolling them in "specific camps or schools" which are being run by organisations under right-wing.

While delivering a keynote address at an event, Arundhati Roy said "efforts were being made to normalise Islamophobia".

Arundhati Roy also asserted that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) would economically hit hard the deprived and marginalized Muslims, Dalits and women at large.

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"The rhetoric of political address is at its worst now... as graphic as it is about spreading communal hatred. It is also deceiving in the sense that it hides the true purpose of NRC or CAA from common understanding," said Arundhati Roy.

She further claimed that the present-day India "where legacy papers act as current day document" is a slightly upturned version of Nazi Germany. Thus, she placed her "cautious optimism" in the students movements. The countrywide mass protests have "blunted the only power BJP/RSS has... that is communal hatred."

When asked about the sit-in protests at Shaheen Bagh, Park Circus and elsewhere, she said, "Muslim women are now coming out to raise their voice and this is a great thing. This shows how Muslims can have a voice, so far they had been pushed out of the political arena, pushed out of media. Earlier, only people who were allowed to speak were the ones like the Moulanas. Now there are all kinds of voices including a plethora of Muslim voices."

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