The meeting of Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and convener Arvind Kejriwal has started with the MLAs of the Aam Aadmi Party in Mohali. 

Kejriwal told the newly elected MLAs that CM Bhagwant Mann would target the ministers. We have to work day and night. If the targets are not met, the ministers will be changed. 

Kejriwal said that the MLAs do not have to sit in Chandigarh. Every MLA, minister of yours will go to the streets. Kejriwal said that some of our MLAs are saddened by not being able to become ministers. 

We have got 92 seats and only 17 will become ministers. We have to work as a team. If you leave your selfishness and ambition, then Punjab will be well. If greed comes, Punjab will be defeated.

99% contested elections for the first time, ever thought that they would become MLAs. Many people have a simple past. Don't be arrogant or else people will defeat you too. As an MLA, do such a thing that you become famous everywhere. 

Some people say that I had the right to become a minister. Kejriwal said that no one has any right on anyone's post. The day the public wants, everyone removes them. Congress also used to think of becoming a born CM and minister. 

Until the public clear us next time.
Don't go to the minister or chief minister for the posting of DC and SSP. Mann and the cabinet themselves will post good officers. If it doesn't work, make a complaint. Go for checking but don't be rude. 

Earlier he said that today I am emotional and happy. The people of Punjab voted so much that all the old leaders lost. In the last few days, CM Bhagwant Mann did a tremendous job. 

After taking oath on March 16, he did wonders. It is being discussed all over the country. CM Mann reduced the security of the leaders. Compensation for bad crops. Anti Corruption Helpline announced. After this 25 thousand government jobs were announced.

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