Aryan Khan, who is currently lodged in Arthur Road Jail following the arrest on October 2 in the drug-in-cruise case, during his counselling session promised to be a good citizen and said that he would make everyone proud after he leaves jail. As per the sources, he was counselled by the key investigator of the case Sameer Wankhede on October 18, 2021. 

Aryan was in NCB’s custody since 2 October and was shifted to jail on October 8. 

During his counselling, as per the sources, Aryan Khan said that he would avoid wrongdoing and would help poor and deprived people. He also said that he would “make everyone proud”. SRK’s son added that he would work for society. 

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When asked about star kid’s counselling, the NCB officer said, “We counsel every arrested accused and it is done for two to three hours daily during custody”. He added that the session was attended by priests and social workers, who work against the intake of illegal drugs. He also said that the holy books – Quran, Geeta or Bible are given to the accused according to their religions. 

As per the jail officials, Aryan talked to his parent via video conference, after his bail hearing was put off this week by the court. “Aryan was on the call for 10 minutes with his parents, and a jail official was present with him during the call,” said the jail official. 

To date, 20 people, including two Nigerian nationals have been arrested in the case.

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