Famous Punjabi Singer, Jeeny Johal on 8th October released a song named ‘Letter to CM’ which has created a huge stir in the politics of Punjab. The singer in her song seeks justice for Sidhu Moosewala and reminds the unfulfilled promises of CM Mann.

The lyrics of the songs were so hard-hitting that it received 2.32 lakh views before getting blocked. The song stated that CM Mann was busy doing the Garba in Gujarat to get votes while Sidhu’s parents are dying every moment as they are getting justice for their son’s death. The singer further added that the leak of list of removed security is one of the major reasons for the killing of Sidhu Moosewala.

As soon as the song went viral and came to light, the song was removed from YouTube. This angered the fans of the singer and Sidhu Mossewala after which the Punjab government faced a lot of backlash from netizens.

Talking about the relation between Jenny Johal and Sidhu Moosewala, reportedly Jenny's fame as a singer came to peak but lasted for only a few years which led her to depression. Worried for her daughter, Jenny's mom sought help from the deceased singer and in return, Sidhu Moosewala promised to release a song with her. Jenny further told him that many people promised her the same thing but did not fulfill it. Sidhu Moosewala was not one of those, he did release a song with the singer after which Jenny got high regard for the singer in her life. As the singer had a huge impact on Jenny's life, she wrote a song seeking justice for her well-wisher and pointed out that it's been four months and still no justice has been delivered to the family of slain singer Sidhu Moosewala.

Now, the singer has been constant threats saying that an FIR will be registered against her for the song. Sidhu Moosewala’s parents have come to the fore in support of Jenny Johal. They said that their sorrow has been well narrated in the song. The slain singer’s mother said, “Our family stands shoulder to shoulder with the singer. If for seeking justice, she has to go to jail then we are ready to accompany her.”

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