Avatar 2 trailer: James Cameron's 'The Way of Water' is nothing but cinematic brilliance

The first scene in the trailer shows how Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) prepares his children for battle

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James Cameron's Avatar 2 trailer has been released. The trailer has amazing visuals that are out of this planet. Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel, takes more than a decade after the first film. The film is all set to make its worldwide debut next month.

The first scene in the trailer shows how Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) prepares his children for battle. Jake Sully's kid tells him that she can feel 'her heartbeat,' but it's unclear who she's referring to. The second film appears to be going more in-depth with Jake and Neytiri's children while also highlighting the human invasion concept.

The Pandora animals are then shown in the trailer against a drum-heavy background. There are glimpses of beauty and joy interspersed with terrors and threats as Neytiri cries, "This is our home." As Jake makes Neytiri promise that she must remain tough, the trailer closes on a hopeful note.

After watching this new trailer, one is left stunned by the breathtaking, mesmerizing visuals. The production quality of this grand science fiction movie by 20th Century Studios is mind-blowing. The reason for the delay in release is supposed to be that James Cameron used new technology to provide audiences with a distinctive experience.

With the return to the world of Pandora, James Cameron's stunning film is ready to once again dominate the global box office. The Hollywood blockbuster will premiere on December 16, 2022, in theatres all around the world.

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Fans are so mesmerized by the visuals of the film. After the trailer release, one fan commented, "One thing for sure: There will be TONS of gorgeous water simulation in this movie, a truly CG feast at its best! Can't wait to see it!"

Fans also gave reviews of the casting. Some fans are not happy with the choice of Sigourney Weaver as Jake’s teenage daughter. There are mixed reactions to Weaver's voice. One Twitter user commented, "I’m sorry, Sigourney Weaver is a great actress, but she does not work as the voice of the kid."