Avatar The Way of Water OTT Release Date: When & Where to watch James Cameron's masterpiece?

Avatar: The Wayt of Water or Avatar 2 is directed by James Cameron and it is the second installment of the movie- Avatar.

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The countdown for the much-awaited movie of the year Avatar: The Way of Water has begun. Created by Academy Award winner James Cameroon, Avatar: The of Water is all set to be released on the OTT platform and fans are going gaga to witness the epic movie from the comfort of their home. Avatar: The Wayt of Water or Avatar 2 is directed by James Cameron and it is the second installment of the movie- Avatar. While Avatar 1 was released in 2009, it took almost 13 years for James Cameron to come up with its sequel. With the movie finally being released and Avatar 2 review coming out, fans believe that it was worth the wait to witness James Cameron's visual masterpiece in the theaters. With social media buzzing with the James Cameron-directorial movie, fans are now wondering about Avatar 2 OTT release date or Avatar: The Way of Water OTT release date and platform. To know the answer continue reading-

Avatar 2 OTT Release Date

Talking about Avatar 2 OTT Release date, the James Cameron directorial will be released on Disney Plus Hotstar on June 7, 2023. Avatar: The Way of Water was released in theaters on December 16, 2022 and finally after months of waiting the James Cameron directorial will be streaming finally.

Avatar 2 Storyline

Avatar: The Way of Water review: James Cameroon's movie has potential to break world-record

Just like its prequel, the major attraction of the film is its breathtaking visuals, CGI work, and, of course, VFX. Reportedly, Avatar: The Way Of Water’s budget is said to be between $350 million to $400 million. A big chunk of it is spent to make the film a visual extravaganza. Wētā Workshop is one of the companies which has worked on the visual effects of the film. For the unversed, Wētā Workshop is special effects and prop company based in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. While at a time when various filmmakers of the world call their movie efficient in terms of VFX, Avatar 2 tops them all and indeed has set a benchmark for upcoming movies to match the bar

Avatar 2 resumes with Jake Sully raising his family with his wife Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). In the first half of the movie, the James Cameroon-directorial has showcased how well Jake has adopted his 'Navi' reality and is now the leader of his clan. What keeps the audience on the edge of their seat is that Avatar 2 does not waste any time and showcase the return of the invaders including 'The Colonel'. Yes! you heard it right. The Colonel who was the antagonist in the first part returns again. Now, the question arises, how he returned when in the first part he was killed by Neytiri with her arrows? The answer is that The Colonel returns to the plant in his Navi avatar along with his 'old team' who were killed in the first part. Now, another question arises how the Colonel got his own Avatar? To know the answer to this, True Scoop advises you to watch the movie in theaters. Ultimately, it will be again The Navis taking on the 'invading' humans in another great war.

Therefore, for those looking to enjoy watching a movie that is historic as well as a blockbuster, then Avatar 2 can be a perfect choice for you.