Ayesha Akram video leaked: Pakistani TikToker under fire over recorded 'video call'

Pakistani TikToker Ayesha Akram's alleged leaked video has earned her massive criticism on social media as she was seen talking to someone on a video call.

Ayesha Akram video leaked: Pakistani TikToker under fire over viral selfie clip -

A famous Pakistani TikToker Ayesha Akram has been embroiled in a major controversy after the alleged private video was leaked online. Although video or audio leak is quite common in Pakistan keeping the country's former PM Imran Khan in mind, the lastest to be the victim of a video leak is Ayesha Akram. Ayesha Akram leaked video has been doing rounds on social media. As a result, the leaked Ayesha Akram video has earned the TikToker massive criticism from her fans and Pakistani media. 


As per reports, Ayesha Akram viral video showcase, the Pakistani TikToker talking to a guy on a video call. While the duo continued to talk, Ayesha Akram leaked video call showcased the Pakistani TikToker stripping for the guy. Ayesha Akram full leaked video is reportedly 8 minutes long. Pakistani media reports suggest that Ayesha Akram Video Call footage was made through a screen recording feature and was later leaked from an unknown source. 


On questions related to who leaked Ayesha Akram's video, many Pakistani YouTubers allege that the TikToker herself made the video viral. However, the YouTubers stated this without any proof. It means Ayesha Akram viral leaked video can be fake or made through deepfake AI. 


It is pertinent to mention here that a few days back, a famous Pakistani YouTuber Aliza Shehar also suffered a similar kind of incident. Aliza who is one of the most famous YouTubers of Pakistan lodged a complaint to Multa Police who found out that the man who leaked her video lives in Qatar. 


Who is Ayesha Akram?


Ayesha Akram is not new to controversies. Ayesha Akram grabbed headlines in 2021 when she was assaulted by over 400 men in the famous Minar-e-Pakistan. Akram and her crew were filming a video for Pakistan’s Independence Day. She was seen holding the Indian flag along with Pakistan’s flag, which allegedly triggered the men.


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