Baba Ramdev's allegations on Bollywood; says- Salman takes drugs, don't know about Aamir

Baba Ramdev also said that Shahrukh's son was arrested after being found using drugs.

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On Saturday, Baba Ramdev arrived in Moradabad to attend the Aryaveer and Veerangana conference. Here he was seen once again targeting Bollywood. While criticizing drugs, he first attacked Bollywood. Baba Ramdev said that big film stars take drugs and the entire film industry is in the grip of it. Baba Ramdev alleged that Salman Khan also takes drugs.

He added that Shahrukh's son was arrested after being found using drugs. Salman also takes drugs. It is not known whether Aamir takes it or not. While drinking alcohol is considered impure in Islam, Jinnah used to drink liquor, he died, so well done. The prohibition of alcohol in Islam has led to a dominance of bidi-cigarette intoxication. In the modern era, the only holy society in the entire nation is the Arya Samaj, whose followers abstain from all intoxicants.

On the Arya Samaj stage, Baba Ramdev urged the nation to become drug-free. He said that even if drinking is considered impure in Islam, you are still descended from the sages. Why can't you stop using tobacco, alcohol, and other intoxicants? Wherever the youth of Aryaveer Dal live in the country, they should campaign for drug de-addiction.

Additionally, he said that some political parties begin trying to divide society into castes and creeds as soon as the election season begins. There is an attempt to form an alliance of OBC, Dalit, Adivasi, and Muslim but they'll never succeed in their objective.

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He said – there is only Arya Samaj, which does not discriminate. The castes are equal in this place. Caste equality and freedom in the nation are the goals of Arya Samaj. Arya Samaj is providing all kinds of divinity to the people ranging from conduct and character.

Baba Ramdev said – change will not come from governance but from self-discipline. The Arya Samaj imparts this discipline. The yoga instructor cited Gujarat and Bihar as examples to demonstrate that drug addiction cannot be cured by outlawing drugs. Even though alcohol is illegal in Gujarat and Bihar, people nevertheless consume it.

In Kumbh, he also got rid of the sadhus' chillum. He told the sadhus that if you have given up all addictions and worldly attachments, then why don't you leave the chillum?