Hyderabad Cop breastfeeds baby left by drunken mother

The cop herself was on maternity leave

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HYDERABAD: On Monday, a two-month-old baby was reunited with her mother with the help of police, less than 24 hours after she allegedly handed it over in a drunken state to a man near Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad.

An official release said that the woman handed over the baby to the man on Sunday night, saying she would be back after some time. However when she did not turn up, the man then took the wailing child to his house and vainly tried to feed it milk. He informed his friends and relatives and they handed over the baby to the Afzlgunj Police Station.

Constable M Ravinder on night duty informed his wife who is also a constable at another station and was on maternity leave, of the baby's plight and she came to the spot and fed the baby.

"After I received the call, I immediately booked a cab and rushed towards Afzalgunj police station where she was brought," woman costable Priyanka said. "I am a mother to a small baby, so I understood she was crying because of hunger. I immediately breastfed her and she calmed down," she added.

The baby was later on shifted to the Government Maternity Hospital at Petlaburz. During efforts to trace the mother, police found a woman crying at Chanchalguda area, who narrated the sequence of events. The woman claimed that she had forgotten the area where she had given the baby to the man as she was drunk at that time. She was then taken to the hospital, where she identified her child.