Bajaj to launch India's first-ever CNG motorcycle 'Bruzer' on THIS day: know the features

On July 5, 2024, Bajaj Auto will unveil the first-ever CNG motorcycle, the Bajaj Bruzer, featuring unique advancements and dual fuel options.

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On July 5, 2024, Bajaj Auto will introduce the first-ever CNG motorcycle. Official teases of this new model, which is anticipated to be named the Bajaj Bruzer, have revealed special features that will be present in the two-wheeler. What we know about the upcoming Bajaj CNG bike is as follows:.

The Bajaj bike has been seen undergoing testing in India previously, but a recent teaser has disclosed details about the model that were not previously known. When a blue toggle switch is positioned on the left-hand switch cube, it becomes the most noticeable feature. The seamless transition between CNG and gasoline models will be facilitated by this mode switch, just like in cars. The bike will have separate storage for both fuels.

Other details that suggested a utilitarian design were also disclosed in the teaser, including a new round LED headlight and a flat seat design. A revised version of the motorcycle's potential 5-spoke alloy wheel design was also visible in the spy photo.

It is expected that the new Bajaj CNG bike will have an engine displacement between 100 and 125 cc. Specific details are still pending confirmation. With an astounding mileage of nearly 100 km/l, it is anticipated to generate about 8 bhp of peak power. With a new CNG cylinder mounted underneath, the bike will have a standard fuel tank for storing gasoline. Bajaj has chosen a sloper engine to make room for the new CNG cylinder. In the event of an accident, the subframe will provide the CNG cylinder with excellent protection against impact.

Although the media has helped to popularize the name, Bruzer Bajaj has trademarked a number of names for its upcoming products. The top contenders for this project name include, among others, Bruzer Marathon Trekker and Fighter. Expected prices for the new model (on-road in Mumbai) range from Rs 1.05 lakh to Rs 1.20 lakh. Bikes such as the Hero Passion Honda Shine and TVS Star City are competitors of this new model.