Bank Holidays this week: Know the important dates and closures

An upcoming 3-day weekend prompts essential banking services to be performed before Republic Day, here is a detailed breakdown

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In a week packed with festivities and local observances, banks across the nation are set to witness closures, prompting customers to plan their financial activities accordingly. Here’s a breakdown of the crucial dates and closures:


As bank holidays loom, individuals are urged to complete essential transactions before the upcoming four-day weekend. The banks will also remain closed from January 27 (Friday) to January 30 (Monday), affecting regular banking services. Gaan-Ngai-Banks will be closed in Manipur on January 23. January 25, the Thai Poosam/Birthday of Md. Hazarat Ali will result in bank closure in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.


Banks will be closed on January 26 on account Republic Day. Republic Day, which falls on Friday this year, is the only national holiday when banks will be closed for a long weekend as it is followed by fourth Saturday and Sundays. Hence there will be 3-day weekend where the banks will be closed on January 27 (fourth Saturday) and January 28 (Sunday).


On January 22, banks in Imphal, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Panaji remained closed on account of Ram Temple Consecration. Bank branches of private banks in Uttar Pradesh were closed as well. Major private sector lenders, HDFC Bank and Axis Bank, were also shut in Uttar Pradesh on January 22 (Monday). 


Banking customers are advised to strategically plan their financial activities by referring to the list of upcoming closures to ensure a hassle-free experience.