The much-awaited Swedish crime-thriller series named Barracuda Queens was released on OTT giant Netflix on June 5, 2023. Although Barracuda Queens is yet to come at the top of Netflix's most-watched streaming series this week, the crime thriller is expected to gain traction with time as the OTT giant is banking big on the real story of the notorious girl thieves gang who robbed many high-profile Swedish people. Barracuda Queens is a true story, loosely based on the infamous Lidingöigan gang or Lidingö League named after the wealthy Stockholm suburb a number of the thieves were from. Created by Camilla Ahlgren, Barracuda Queens star cast includes Alva Bratt (Eagles) as Louise, aka Lollo, Sarah Gustafsson (Eagles) as Amina, Newcomer Tindra Monsen as Klara, Sandra Zubovic (JJ+E) as Klara’s sister, Frida, Tea Stjärne (The Wizard’s Daughter) as Mia, Carsten Bjørnlund (Rita) as Lollo’s dad, Lars and more in the lead roles. Since you have landed on this page, True Scoop News assume that you have watched the crime-thriller series on Netflix and have multiple questions related to Barracuda Queens True Story or Barracuda Queens Real Story or who were 'real life' Barracuda Queens? To know the answer continue reading-

Barracuda Queens True Story

As mentioned above, Barracuda Queens is loosely based on a true story of the infamous Lidingöigan gang or Lidingö League. Talking about the real life Barracuda Queens or The Lidingöligan, they were totally different from the women shown in the Netflix series. In fact, The Lidingöligan consisted of men and no women. In the 1990s, Lidingöligan targeted luxurious homes of Sweden's wealthier neighbourhoods, including their own home turf of Lidingö, as well as Djursholm where Barracuda Queens is set and Danderyd.

Notably, The Lidingöligan robbery style was also unique. After they had packed the stolen goods into their family cars, the gang would often share a champagne toast and leave behind the empty flutes as their calling card. As per Swedish media reports, there were around 50 burglaries and 20 car thefts that the Swedish police believed to be connected to the Lidingöligan, however, they went years without the evidence to catch them, as the Lidingöigan racked up goods with an estimated total value north of £20million. Reports further stated that in the 2000s, a number of suspects were arrested on suspicion of their links with the Lidingöigan, and certain members of the league were sentenced for their crimes. However, the Police struggled to find a concrete link between the suspects and the burglaries

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Barracuda Queens storyline

Barracuda Queens is set in the backdrop of the 1990s and mostly revolves around Lollo, Klara, Frida, and Mia. Best friends Lollo, Klara, Frida, and Mia — aka the Barracuda Queens are privileged, hard-partying teens who excel in school and are well-liked in the community. After being hit with a huge bill from a luxurious vacation, the group hatches a plan to rob their new neighbor Amina’s house and pawn the goods later.

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