A shocking incident was reported from Hyderabad in which a 50-year-old woman suffered a stroke and passed away while having her hair washed at the salon. The reports revealed that the basin on which she rested her neck while having a head bath led to death.

The medical experts suggested that this is termed as Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome. In this when a person rests their head on the hair wash basin placed at salon and while professionals exert pressure on the neck as well as head, the vessel supplying blood to your brain is compressed due to hyperextension resulting in stroke which can also lead to death.

The term ‘Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome’ was coined in 1993 by Dr Michael Weintraub after 5 women developed a similar neurological problem post having their hair washed in a parlour.

Renowned doctor Dr. Sudhir Kumar took to his Twitter handle and revealed the whole incident stating that after getting a head bath at salon the woman developed symptoms of nausea, dizziness and vomiting post which she was taken to a doctor. When the symptoms did not go and she developed mild imbalance while walking her MRI was carried out. The reason for her death was later revealed as Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome.

True Scoop then exclusively spoke to a specialist doctor of Civil Hospital Kapurthala who revealed that there are multiple ways through which people can save themselves from this syndrome. The most important is maintaining a correct posture of neck while having head bath. The neck should not be tilted to an extent that it causes severe pain which later leads to your head. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that before resting neck on basin, person should make sure that it has got certain kind of padding under it so that the neck is not exposed to hard material of which basin at salon is made.

Next time anyone who visits a salon should not be scared but keep small little precautions in mind while taking a head bath.

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