Today was the last day of Punjab’s Legislative Assembly’s budget session. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has presented a resolution against the Agnipath Scheme. In the past also, he had called the Agnipath scheme a whimsical and irrational move of the central government and lashed out at them. He also added that it would destroy the basic fabric of the Indian Armed Forces.

So far, many youngsters have protested against the scheme in different parts of India including Punjab and Haryana.

People had many questions if the resolution is passed in the state assembly then what benefits will it provide to the people of Punjab.

 The bitter truth is that even if the resolution passed against the ‘Agnipath’ Scheme is passed still it will not have any effect on the youth. The reason for this is that defense-related matters and issues come directly under the Central government and has nothing to do with the state government. Although the AAP government has passed a resolution against this scheme it will not result in anything until and unless the central government agrees to the same.

While interacting with TrueScoop, Mandeep Singh Sachdev, senior advocate, Punjab- Haryana High Court explained that passing a resolution against the scheme will not result in anything as this whole matter requires the following long procedure i.e. the resolution first has to be submitted to the Governor, then the Governor passes it on to the President and if the President approves then only any result can be expected for the resolution.

So, in the end, it’s just a sad reality that can disappoint the youth that passing this resolution will have no legal value until the Central Government looks into the matter.

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