'Hang on and wait for vaccine’, Biden urges Americans to avoid big Thanksgiving

US President-elect Joe Bide has urged American to wait until the vaccine is available to them and avoid Thanksgiving.

US President-elect Joe Biden has asked the Americans to “hang on!”, advising them to wear a mask and limit social gatherings until the vaccine against the coronavirus is made available at population scale.

Ahead of a long-weekend, Biden in his Thanksgiving message to the nation said, "We have to try to slow the growth of the virus. We owe that to the doctors, the nurses, and the other front-line health care workers who have risked so much and heroically battled this virus for so long.”

Traditionally, during Thanksgiving large family gatherings and a burst of cross country travel takes place. 

Biden has promised to "change the course of the disease" soon after he takes the oath as the president of the US, on January 20, 2021.

He said, "More testing will find people with cases and get them away from other people, slowing the number of infections. More protective gear for businesses and schools will do the same as reducing the number of cases. Clear guidance will get more businesses and more schools open.”

Despite the warning of an emerging crisis of a "dark winter"  from the medical experts, Biden’s tone seems hopeful. 

As daily Covid cases and deaths have broken records in the world, Biden has urged people to not lose hope. "There is real hope, tangible hope. So hang on. Don't let yourself surrender to the fatigue.”

He added, "I know we can and we will beat this virus. America is not going to lose this war. You will get your lives back. Life is going to return to normal. That will happen. This will not last forever.”

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Biden informed that because of the pandemic a big Thanksgiving has been cancelled in his family. 

By the time Biden spoke on Wednesday afternoon, more than 4 million people had already passed through airport checkpoints starting last Friday. While hospitals and doctors states across the country are expanding their faculty and preparing for the worst spike in cases all year, post-Thanksgiving. 

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