10 biggest-selling Indian whisky brands of the World; Rs 320-worth liquor at number 1

India's whisky industry is becoming more premium as companies launch premium bottlings and single malts to rival Scotch distillers in the country's thriving alcohol market.

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India's whisky industry is becoming more premium as companies launch premium bottlings and single malts to rival Scotch distillers in the country's thriving alcohol market. The premium Indian whisky market in India is expected to grow six times between 2019 and 2027, according to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. In 2023, Indian single malts accounted for almost 53% of the market's total alcohol sales, according to the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverages Companies.

The top 10 whisky brands in India by sales held their positions from the previous year despite the movement. Newer brands have seen an increase in sales of up to 19%, while older, more established brands are experiencing slower growth or declines. Among the top 10 spirits sold worldwide are four Indian whisky brands.

Top 10 Indian Whisky Brands (Brand Champions Report):

  1. McDowell’s Whisky: Maintaining its top spot for a fifth year running, selling 31.44 million nine-liter cases in 2023, a 2 percentage point increase. The United Spirits-owned company credits its expansion to popular campaigns like Yaaron Waali Baat, which stars actor Kartik Aaryan, and robust momentum in the premium segment. With the launch of the Distillers Batch whisky, which is aged in Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz barrels, and the new X Series, which features gin, vodka, and rum, McDowells has broadened its product line. As it keeps its core offerings, the brand concentrates on premiumization.
  2. Royal Stag: With 27.9 million cases, up 3% from the previous year, it maintained its second place. The brand has increased by 24.6% in the last two years. By concentrating on premiumization and using strategic marketing initiatives, Royal Stag keeps growing its market share. The brand's steady expansion is evidence of its loyal customer base and strategic positioning within the cutthroat whisky market.
  3. Officer’s Choice: Stayed in third place even though the number of cases dropped by 6% to 23.4%. Prior to this, in 2022, the brand had grown by 7.3 percent. The brand continues to capitalize on its strong market presence and is still among the best-selling whiskies in the world. With its recent IPO, ABD hopes to stimulate more growth and possibly even turn around the current decline. In a cutthroat industry, Officers Choice prioritizes preserving its current customer base while looking for fresh chances for expansion.
  4. Imperial Blue: After a 4 percent decline to 22 million cases, maintaining the previous year's declining trend. By utilizing its well-known brand and devoted clientele, Imperial Blue is still a major player in the industry. Amidst a competitive and changing whisky market landscape, the brand is focused on maintaining its position and investigating ways to revitalize growth.
  5. 8 p.m.: Increased by 2 percent to 12 million cases, maintaining a five-year trend of growth. The brand hopes to improve its European business through its partnership with Bemakers, a Danish distribution platform. The 2017 Indian Whisky Brand Champion was at 8 p.m. a company well-known for its robust market presence. In an effort to strengthen its position in the European market and possibly increase sales in the future, Radico Khaitan recently partnered with the Danish distribution platform Bemakers. The brand's emphasis on keeping up the momentum and looking into foreign markets demonstrates its dedication to steady growth and market dominance.
  6. Blenders Pride: Expanded by 1 point, 7 percent, to 9 points 6 million cases after rising by 18 points, or 7 percent, in 2022. Over the past two years, the brand has increased by 20%. The brand has expanded by 20 percent in the last two years, enhancing its market share and customer appeal. In order to bolster its position in the face of competitive pressure, Blenders Pride is still concentrating on premiumization tactics and creative marketing campaigns.
  7. Royal Challenge: Demonstrated remarkable growth, increasing to 8 points (6 million cases) by 19 points (7 percent). Achieving double-digit growth in 2023, it is one of only two brands on the list. This expansion demonstrates its successful marketing approach and positive customer feedback. With an emphasis on quality and innovation to keep its competitive edge, Royal Challenge, along with other top brands, is helping to drive the premiumization trend in the Indian whisky market. .
  8. Sterling Reserve Premium Whiskies: Increased to 5 points in 1 million cases, a 16% increase. Since 2021, the brand has increased by 41.6 percent. ABD's strategic initiatives are intended to strengthen Sterling Reserve's market position and spur additional growth. One such initiative is an IPO to raise capital. In the competitive Indian spirits market, the brand is still committed to improving its high-end products and growing its customer base.
  9. Director’s Special Whisky: Increased by 8 points (6 percent) to 3 points (3 million cases), indicating a 13-point (8 percent) increase from 2021. Indian consumers continue to be drawn to Directors Special because of its smooth taste and reasonable price. The consistent performance of United Spirits can be attributed to its strategic marketing initiatives and innovative product line. With a focus on preserving consumer loyalty and looking into growth prospects in the changing market landscape, Director Special Whisky continues to be a major player in the competitive whisky market.
  10. Signature: Increased by 15 percent to 2 million cases, a 45 percent growth in just two years. A wide spectrum of customers are drawn to Signature because of its reputation for quality and value. United Spirits ascent can be attributed in part to its strategic branding and distribution initiatives. Under pressure from rival brands in the Indian spirits market, Signature, one of the fastest-growing brands in its category, keeps fortifying its position.

In the Indian whisky market, premiumization is driving growth, with established brands concentrating on high-end products. Leading the way are Allied Blenders and Distillers, Pernod Ricard, and United Spirits, all of which are bolstering their market positions with innovative products and strategic marketing.