Bihar Diwas 2022 will kickstart on March 22 with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurating the three-day mega-fest in Patna's iconic Gandhi Maidan. The three-day fest on the occasion of Bihar Diwas 2022 will celebrate the 110th anniversary of its establishment. Every year, the people of the state celebrate Bihar Diwas with full enthusiasm and fervor. To make the Bihar Diwas 2022 more grand, the government of Bihar has planned various programs for the people of its state. Notably, Bihar Diwas was not celebrated in the state for the past two years due to the COVID outbreak. 

Now for those who are still not aware of Bihar Diwas or wondering what is Bihar Diwas 2022 can read further: 

What is Bihar Diwas and why it is significant for the state?

On Bihar Diwas 2022, True Scoop discusses the significance of the three days mega-fest which is taking place in the state. Bihar Diwas or Bihar Day's celebration starts from March 22 every year. It marks the formation of the state of Bihar when the state was carved out from the Bengal Presidency by the British in the year 1912. On Bihar Diwas or Bihar Day also is a public holiday. All state and central government offices and companies, as well as schools remain closed. Apart from Bihar, it is celebrated in other countries as well by the Bihari diaspora. Notably, when Nitish Kumar took over the reins of power in Bihar in 2005 and became the State's Chief Minister, he started the tradition of celebrating Bihar Day or Bihar Diwas on 22 March. Its main objective is to brand the state's specialties worldwide and to take pride in being Bihari.

Coming back to Bihar Diwas 2022, the Nitish Kumar government has planned to celebrate it in a much more grand way.  On the occasion of Bihar Diwas 2022, 500 drones will be flying over Gandhi Maidan. The massive drone show is being organised for the first time on Bihar Diwas. Not only this, laser and light show will also be organised. Just like 'Dilli Haat', Patna Haat will be set up and in this delicacies and cuisines of Bihar will be kept for the visitors. As per state Education Minister Vijay Chaudhary, a book fair will also be organised with the assistance of the National Book Trust. A science exhibition will also be organized in Shri Krishna Memorial Hall.  There will also be a dog show of BMP and events related to police bands.

President Kovind, PM Modi extend greetings on Bihar Diwas 2022

On the occasion of Bihar Diwas 2022, the President of Indi Ramnath Kovind and PM Modi extended their greetings to the people of Bihar. "Happy Bihar Diwas to all the brothers and sisters of Bihar. I wish that this state, rich in historical and cultural heritage, continues to set new records of development," wrote PM Modi.

President Kovind too extended his greetings on his Twitter handle and wrote, "Greetings to the people of the state on Bihar Diwas! Bihar has a glorious past and rich cultural heritage. The hardworking and talented people here have contributed significantly in the development of the country. As the Governor of Bihar, I have received immense affection from the people here. My best wishes on this special occasion."

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