A blood-boiling incident came into the limelight after Bihar Police on Thursday arrested a man from Samastipur for trying to rape his own daughter. The heinous incident took place in Rosra of Samastipur district in Bihar where a father attempted to rape his own 18-year-old daughter. The father was arrested after his daughter filmed him molesting her as a piece of evidence which was later shared on social media. 

The Samastipur rape video of a girl by his father has shocked not only the people around but also netizens on social media. The Samastipur molestation viral video was filmed by the daughter for evidence. In the Samastipur viral video, the father is clearly visible trying to rape his own daughter. Taking cognizance of the matter, the Rosra police arrested the accused father on Thursday.

Reports further stated that the mother of the 18-year-old also supported her father in the heinous crime. Furthermore, The girl was being threatened, but when she could not tolerate it, she complained to the police station. The girl herself made a video of her father's dirty deed and then took him to the police station. She has also sent this video to his friends. The police have arrested the accused teacher. The elder sister of the girl is married. She has a younger brother. The girl is at her maternal uncle's house since the incident.

Rosra SDPO Shahryar Akhtar, Samastipu said, "The victim seen in the viral video has been presented before police. The person who is doing the misdeed in the video is said to be victim's father, he has been arrested. Action will be taken after a detailed investigation.

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