A shocking incident has come to light through a video from Bihar’s Begusarai. A thief attempted to snatch the mobile phone from the platform through the train windows but, was caught red-handed by the passengers inside.

The train was towards the end of its journey from Begusarai to Khagaria when the man tried his hand near Sahebpur Kamal station.

His attempt ended in a nightmare as the thief dangled while passengers held his hand for the entire course journey which lasted for over 10 KM and was relieved near Khagaria railway station after which he ran away there is no report as to whether he was caught by the police or not.

Watch Here:

The incident is from last night, these sorts of incidents are common in Bihar. One similar incident was reported in June earlier this year where that man was quicker and more successful — some on the internet called him "the new Spider-Man".

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