BJP leaders banned from entering THIS Punjabi Village

A village in Mukatsar Sahib has put up a board banning the entry of BJP leaders.

BJP village Ban Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Farmers Protest Lok Sabha Elections 2024

The farmers protest has dealt a blow to the BJP’s affinity in the state of Punjab, as the farmers are angry with the government for not fulfilling their demands. In village Bharu of Giddarbaha assembly constituency under Muktsar Sahib, a board has been put up by the people banning the entry of BJP leaders.


According to reports, the villagers are angry at the BJP-led Central government for neglecting the demands of the farmers protesting at the Punjab Haryana border. “Village Bharu completely boycotts all leaders from BJP”(translated) the sign says. ”Any BJP leader that enters will be responsible for whatever action is taken against them”(translated) it goes on to read.


The village residents claim that they are opposing the BJP government and appeal the BJP leadership to not come to their village. They also said that they will hold a peaceful protest if any BJP leader attempts to enter the village.