Prophet Mohammad Controversy: MP Pragya Thakur has openly challenged the order of the Bharatiya Janata Party's central leadership not to make religious remarks. Pragya Thakur said that India belonged to the Hindus and will remain so. 

After the announcement of the divisional committees of the state BJP, Pragya sharpened her attitude. Before Pragya, Uma Bharti had also opposed the threats Nupur was getting. In this matter, Pragya Thakur first showed her attitude on Twitter. She wrote, "If telling the truth is a rebellion, then understand that we are also rebels. Jai Hindutva, Jai Sanatan."

Why truth is bothering them? 

In Bhopal, Sadhvi Pragya said in a conversation with the media that she was infamous for speaking the truth. She said that there was and is a Shiv temple in Gyanvapi. If someone says fountain, then it is wrong. Pragya Thakur supported Nupur Sharma and said that you tell our reality, we accept it. But we are telling your reality, so why bother? It means somewhere history is dirty. 

Heretics have always done this. Sadhvi Pragya said that they make, direct, produce and abuse films about our gods and goddesses. This is not from today, it is their entire history. But now if someone speaks about our religion, they will have to face retribution. She said that when Kamlesh Tiwari spoke the truth, he was murdered.

Pragya has been continuously making objectionable comments about a particular religion in the past. Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma said about Pragya's statement that on one hand, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat is talking about making a united India, instructing not to search for Shivling in temples. At the same time, Pragya is giving such statements. Verma said that Pragya does not know the meaning of Sanatana Dharma.

Describing India as Hindus, the Sadhvi said that it is our responsibility to keep Sanatana Dharm alive here. 

She added, “Totally heretics present their mindset. This is India, this belongs to the Hindus. Sanatana will remain alive here, it is the responsibility of our people to keep it and we will keep it. Earlier, Sadhvi Pragya Singh wrote on Twitter, "If telling the truth is a rebellion, then understand that we are also rebels. Jai Sanatan, Jai Hindutva….” However, it is not clear in what context she said this.

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