'Blue fireball' comet lights up night sky in Portugal & Spain, leaves skywatchers spellbound; Video Viral

A blue fireball-like comet was seen in the night sky by people in Portugal and Spain a few days back.

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People of Portugal and Spain were left shell-shocked and spellbound after witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event in the sky. A blue fireball-like comet was seen in the night sky by people in Portugal and Spain. Portugal comet video is now going viral on social media. In the viral Portugal comet video, a blue fire ball can be seen passing in the sky. All of a sudden, the entire night sky starts glowing blue in colour due to the comet. One video showcased that a person was driving and suddenly he watched the comet, lighting the sky blue in colour. Another video showcased a girl making a reel in an open area. However, all of a sudden, the light of the sky changed leaving the girl spooked. The girl then watches the sky and the comet can be seen passing by. 

As per reports, the eye-catching meteor or comet was witnessed two weeks after a forecast said that the celestial spectacle would be taking place in the coming days as Earth passes through the dusty debris left behind by the famous Halley's Comet, igniting the annual Eta Aquariid meteor shower. For the unversed, Meteors, also known as shooting stars or falling stars, are space rocks and other material that burn up as they plummet through Earth's atmosphere, leaving behind bright streaks in the sky. As per NASA,  Comets are large objects made of dust and ice that orbit the Sun. Best known for their long, streaming tails. 

Sharing the Portugal meteor video, a user wrote, "UNREAL!! MASSIVE Meteor sighting over Portugal! To see a streak like this is a once in a lifetime event! No word on whether it hit earth and become a Meteorite!  Also seen for Hundreds of miles! Wow!!"

Another user wrote, "Nice one! Beautiful blue green color! Must have had a good bit of copper in it and something else as well."

One more user wrote, "Wow!!! Pretty cool that we have the ability to film and display an event like that!"

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