Blunder! Tamil Actress Raiza Wilson Face Surgery Goes Wrong, Bashes Dermatologist

Raiza Wilson, a Tamil actress and Ex- Bigg Boss contestant took to social media to express her anger with her failed face surgery. She slammed a dermatologist who did her wrong face treatment.

It is a well-known reality that celebrities undergo cosmetic procedures. However, when things go wrong, it can have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. A similar incident occurred with none other than Tamil actress Raiza Wilson, who reported the incident on social media.

Raiza said on Instagram that her dermatologist forced her to have the surgery despite the fact that she "did not need" it. She shared photos of her face, which show swelling near her right eye, and said that she noticed a tonal difference after the procedure. She also said that she attempted to contact her doctor, but that her staff told her that she's unavailable.

She also mentioned the doctor in her article, which included photos from after the surgery. Raiza wrote in the caption, "Visited @drbhairavisenthil yesterday for a simple facial treatment, she forced me to do a procedure which I did not need, and this is the result. She refused to meet me or talk to me today. Staff said she’s out of town."

Not only this celebrity but these Bollywood actresses have also undergone surgery.

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